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School sailing

Sailing as a graduate holiday? We bet your students will be grateful to this lifetime memory! They will be introduced to the world of sailing, but more important to many other life lessons. In co-operation with our partner BAN-Tours in Croatia we have developed an all-in-one sailing trip for schools in Belgium or the Netherlands that will exceeds all expectations!

To gain life experience during a sailing trip for schools

Would you like to offer your students an unforgettable school trip? Then head to the wonderful Croatia for a 6-day sailing trip for schools. On board, students will learn all about sailing and more. For example, as a team they must ensure that the yacht is heading in the right direction, but also that the beds are made and there is regular food on the table. The group is given a budget with which they can buy their shopping, a great way to learn to manage money. There is a lot of Croatian culture to discover on shore and at sea. All this in a beautiful natural environment and a sunny mild climate. It will undeniably be a great trip! Do you want to take on this trip with another group, maybe scouting or special needs kids? That’s also possible, just send us a message for more information.

Why book this sailing trip for schools

  • A sailing trip is an unforgettable adventure that stays with you for a lifetime
  • Teaching the students to work together in team and take care of each other
  • Taking responsibilities for their own actions and work ethics is part of it
  • The group will learn to make ends meet with a certain budget
  • The young people step out of the digital world and make real connections again
  • Along the way they will learn more about flora and fauna and life on a sailing yacht


Croatia: the all in one destination

Croatia is an absolute top destination for school trips. The country has an extremely sunny climate and is easily and quickly accessible from all airports. With a beautiful coastline and no less than 1246 islands, national parks and 8 UNESCO protected historic sites, there is plenty to experience. Furthermore, Croatia is a safe and stable country where you can take the students without any worries for the parents.

Ready for the journey of a lifetime?

This sailing trip for schools to Croatia can only be booked with Anuras. Want to know more about what you can expect and how carefree we make the organization?
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