Definition- a sporting event consisting of a series of boat or yacht races. Or as we at Anuras like to call it - A fun group sailing competition while enjoying the Mediterranean region. Be part of this unbelievable sailing adventure with family and friends or make it teambuilding with your colleagues.

The ultimate sailing experience: Regatta of Your Choice

The regatta is an ultimate boat event that will leave you breathless. Regattas are, in most cases, open for everyone to participate. Although it is available for everyone to join, the events have a formal structure with rules that participants need to follow.

The regattas we provide are unique boat races in Greece or Croatia with monohulls or catamarans.
The regatta races usually take a week to complete. They are full of fun, games, competition and with every evening a social event.

Regattas you can choose from are:

All types of sailing yachts can participate, but some are specially oriented per type of yacht. For example, in Greece - the Istion Catamaran's Cup is only for catamarans while the Blue Cup is monohull only.

How to join a regatta without any experience?

Simple- choose which regatta you want to participate and we will provide you with a skipper!

Also, these kinds of activities are particularly a great idea for team buildings!
The ultimate goal of these events is to participate in an exciting new adventure for the supreme joy of sailing and social gathering.


What to expect during the regatta races

  • Breathtaking adventure with friends, family, or colleagues
  • Sometimes fast racing, but sometimes slow!
  • Races can be up to 50NM!
  • Bring sunscreen, waterproof clothes, and your enthusiasm for life
  • Be prepared to enjoy the outside the whole day
  • Building team spirits and creating a bond
  • Social events at the end of each day to mingle with the crew from other boats
  • Lifelong experience you will never forget


What kind of regatta is for you?

If you want to experience a new form of vacation, get closer with your team after 2020 and rebond with your friends - This is the dream holiday for you.

Contact us for more information and let us start planning your best holiday yet!

On your mark!

Do you think you’re ready to experience a real sailing race? Thanks to our strong links with Greek and Croatian charter companies, we can guarantee you the best preparation.
Let's discuss your plan of action together!

Ready, set, GO!
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