Go on an adventure in Greece or Turkey during an all-in sailing holiday. On board you will find all the comfort and luxury, good food and an extensive range of sports in, on or under the water. The best of all? You do not even have to be able to sail yourself!

Carefree happiness during an all-in sailing holiday

Let's take you on a dream trip .... You wake up and immediately feel the gentle swell of the waves. When you leave your cabin, a fresh breakfast is waiting for you. A little later you leave for the tour of the day. While sailing, you discover the beautiful coasts of Turkey or the Greek islands. Meanwhile the crew has a nice lunch ready for you and in the evening, you can enjoy a delicious dinner under the stars. Too good to be true? No, this all-in sailing holiday really exists!

How an all-in sailing holiday works

Welcome aboard! From now on you only have to enjoy. We take you on a trip along the Turkish coast on a Gulet. That’s a traditional wooden yacht with 2 or 3 masts. If you wish, we can also cross over to the Greek islands, the route is different every time. After your morning dive, a delicious and diverse breakfast awaits you. During the breakfast the captain fills you in about the sailing route of that day. Once you have taken off, you lie on the deck in the sun and enjoy. Do you want to help sail or learn something? The crew will gladly let you appreciate the sailing experience. In the afternoon we moor in a quiet bay for a delicious fresh lunch. Afterwards you can enjoy the view or explore the mooring area with a canoe. After another short trip we anchor or moor in a picturesque harbour. The crew has a BBQ waiting for you! Afterwards you become starstruck with the starry sky above you.

Tip: try to sleep on the deck once, it’s an indescribable experience!

What's possible

You can rent the sailing yachts of our partner exclusively and according to your wishes. Are you with a large group? Then we ensure that several boats follow the same route. You can already rent a sailing yacht from 4 persons up to 12 and more. It is possible to book per cabin for weekly departure dates.

And believe it; your private all-inclusive sailing holiday will costs much less than you might think!

Just enjoy

You read it well, your only task is to enjoy the sun, sea and a great sailing experience. Ready to carefree relax?
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